Elijah Cup                             


The purpose:

A consecrated chalice serves as a focus for prayer for religious vocations in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, for seminarians, and for our Elijahcupserving religious

In 1 Kings 17, during a drought, Elijah tells the poor widow of Zarapeth that if she makes him a small loaf of bread with the last of her flour and oil, her “jar of flour will not go empty, or the jug of oil run dry, until the Lord sends rain upon the earth.” In faith, the widow baked the bread and fed Elijah. For the next year, the widow, her son, and Elijah ate bread made from the bowl of flour and jug of oil.

Let us pray with the faith of the widow of Zarapeth that our cup will never run dry –

we will always have priests to bring us Jesus in the Eucharist.


 PARISHIONERS are invited

(Individuals, Couples, Families)


  • Sign up to receive the cup for one week

    • Specify week(s) you are available and we will confirm your request with our schedule
    • Receive the cup at a scheduled 9am Mass
    • Each day for that week, pray for an increase and perseverance of vocations. (Prayer card included)
    • Return the cup the following week

 Contact: elijahcup@ctking.com

Christ the King Cathedral