We offer our congratulations to all anticipating marriage, particularly to the parishioners of the Cathedral. People can have a wedding and a nice party for the couple, but it takes work by both parties to have a marriage. Marriage is a very important Sacrament in the Church and as such there are requirements necessary for having a marriage in the Church. It is important to remember that marriage is a covenant made by two people with God, a very sacred time in the life of the parties. Obviously this is not something to be taken lightly. With that, the Archdiocese requires six (6) months of preparation for couple anticipating marriage and the parties are to be married in a “sacred place”.

General Requirements

Church law requires that both of you must be free to marry, that is, neither one of you was married before. If either one of you was married before and your former spouse is still living, you will need to obtain a declaration of nullity on the marriage from the Tribunal of the Archdiocese. The parish priest or deacon will assist you in starting the process. Under no circumstances may a date be set for the ceremony, or even a tentative date set, until the Tribunal process is complete.

In an interfaith marriage, i.e. a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic, the Catholic person makes a promise to maintain his or her own faith and to do all in his or her power to ensure that any children born of the union will be raised in the Catholic faith. The party who is not Catholic makes no promises but is aware of the promise of the Catholic. In addition, a permission/dispensation is required from the Archdiocese Chancery Office for interfaith marriages when freedom to marry has been established. The priest or deacon conducting the pre-marriage preparation/documentation will obtain this permission.

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A Special Announcement From Msgr. McNamee – Please Read

To all Brides and Grooms Who Will be Married at the Cathedral of Christ the King from July 1, 2016 through November 10, 2016.

During the months of July through mid October, 2016, the Cathedral parish will undertake an extensive renovation of the Cathedral’s front steps, landing area and steps leading down to Peachtree Way.  This area, including the front doors of the Cathedral will be closed to pedestrian traffic during this time.  The plaza parking area on the Peachtree Road side of the Cathedral will not be affected by the construction and will be fully operational. 

We wanted to alert all wedding parties to this construction project but please know that the Cathedral’s interior will be its beautiful self and the vestibule, where each bride  begins her walk down the aisle, will be unaffected.  All wedding guests will have easy access to the Cathedral through the Peachtree Road side doors. In addition, the Cathedral grounds hold many opportunities for wedding photography – the Cathedral front will be the only area off limits. 

We thank you for choosing the Cathedral of Christ the King for your wedding.  We wish you every blessing on this sacred day and apologize for any inconvenience this construction may cause. 

May God bless you always. 

Most Reverend Francis G. McNamee, Rector


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